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Applying Systems and Strategies For Betting

Systems and Strategies For Betting

The primary goal of gambling is making a profit, so people decided to create different systems and strategies to improve their chances of winning. That is normal human behavior, and people are free to do whatever they want with their money, including risking it on card games, roulette, or the result of a sporting event.


That’s why we can see the development of numerous betting systems, with some of the, even becoming popular and being hailed by punters. However, most of them didn’t have the same fate and faded into obscurity, mainly because they were ineffective, and if someone finds a successful strategy, it’s very likely that he won’t tell anyone about it.

We have decided to create this page so that you can learn more about the gambling strategies and systems. First, we will tell you the difference between a strategy and a system. Then, you will find out if it is worth it to pay for gambling systems. Last but not least, there is going to be information about one of the most popular strategy out there – bonus hunting.

Differences between systems and strategies

he interpretation of a gambling system and a betting strategy can vary, but some people think that the words are synonyms, while others consider them to be entirely different words. According to the dictionary, a strategy is a plan of action which was designed with the idea of achieving a particular target. Meanwhile, a system is an organized method/scheme.

When it comes to gambling, the word strategy fits slightly better, because it’s more of a method than a set of specific rules. An example of this would be the process of researching a sporting event and considering the different outcome possibilities before placing a wager on it.

As we mentioned above, a system is a set of rules, at least according to the dictionary. An example of a system would be betting on the highest ranked golf player in a golf tournament.

However, things are not always so basic. The term Blackjack strategy is popular in the gambling fields, but what you actually do is follow specific rules. The strategy advises you what you are supposed to do considering the cards you and the dealer have in your hands. You can’t do anything else if you decide to “follow this strategy,” which means you are obeying the rules.

That’s why we think there isn’t much difference between using the words strategy and system concerning gambling. You shouldn’t worry about what word to use, but rather how can you win money by using the system/strategy.

Paid Strategies and Systems

You will find many websites on the web that offer you betting systems and strategies at a specific price. Even though they may seem legit, most of them are not, and the people who run them just hope that some newbie gambler will fall for their trap so they can take his money. The slogans these websites have sound ridiculous and claim that they can’t fail, which is entirely untrue.

Strategies and Systems

Most of the scammers focus on online casino games because they are easily accessible, and many punters think they can come out of the casino with a large profit. The reality is, there aren’t any systems that can guarantee you profit from casino games. The scammers just want you to think that there is hope, and then just steal your money.

You can’t beat the casino without cheating, but systems and strategies that improve your winning chances do exist, for example, counting cards at blackjack. However, you should know that the casino always wins in the long run because it has an advantage over the players due to house edge, and the only way you can win something is if you are really lucky.

Theoretically speaking, you could create a system which will guarantee you profits when you bet on sporting events or horse racing, but as far as we know, it still doesn’t exist. Professional punters have the knowledge to make consistent wins, but we doubt that they use only one betting system. It’s more about finding the right opportunities and considering all the factors that may have an effect on the event.

The wisest thing to do here would be to avoid people selling you systems and strategies because chances are you will be left dissatisfied. Instead, you can invest in tools which can help you understand gambling better, for example, gambling strategy books. That won’t mean that you will always win, but it’s better to know what you are getting into.

There is also the option of paying for predictions and tips, but that doesn’t mean you should be unaware of different strategies. We wrote an article about paying for betting picks, so go check it out if you want to learn more about this subject.

Betting Progression Systems

Betting Progression Systems

Here, the use of the word system is appropriate. In progressive betting systems, you have to follow fixed rules and change your stake depending if you won your last bet or not. These types of systems are mostly used amongst casino players.

The popularity of these systems is big, the most famous being the Martingale, but they have some fatal flaws. You don’t have a greater chance of winning or a guarantee for profits if you use them. However, some of them may prove to be useful, if you know how to use them. One thing you need to watch out for is the gambler’s fallacy (thinking that your stake possesses a higher chance of winning than it actually does). Here are the articles we wrote about different progression systems:


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  • The 1-3-2-6
  • Paying for Picks


Bonus Hunting

This strategy grew in popularity when online bookmakers were starting to enter the gambling business. The main concept is profiting from the opening bonuses which many gambling sites offer to new customers. Back then this was no hard task at all because the terms and regulations weren’t so strict.

Now, it’s incredibly difficult to make a profit using this method, but it is still possible, so that’s why we advise you to check our article on Bonus Hunting if you want to learn more information.



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