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Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling

Gambling addiction in sports betting can break everyone's life.

Gambling addiction and sports betting are interrelated. The danger of gambling addiction lies in the certainty of your actions. You can analyze events and statistics, forgetting about gambling, addiction and dependence. In this material we will figure out how to notice gambling addiction in time and not to bring the situation to a really dangerous pathology.

Causes, symptoms and stages of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is a pathological addiction to gambling, leading to moral and financial collapse, social alienation of the person.

Such gambling addiction, which leads to serious consequences, psychiatrists refer to non-chemical addictions. In 2018, the World Health Organization listed gambling addiction in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

Why do betting games remain entertainment for some, but for others they turn into pathology? Scientists have not determined a comprehensive list of causes of gambling addiction.

According to various studies, the causes of addiction in the field of sports betting are:

  • Peculiarities of psychodynamics of different people: including in a certain cycle, a person begins to repeat it and can not stop;
  • Cognitive dysfunction: a person ceases to control his actions from a rational point of view, believes in success, lucky break, good luck
  • social influence: passion for gambling since childhood, playing with friends, interest in sports, etc;
  • aspiration to fast enrichment, problems of the financial plan.

If the causes of gambling addiction is a question of research, the list of its symptoms is recognized by most specialists:

  • narrowing of the sphere of former hobbies: betting in a bookmaker's office replaces most other interests;
  • Alienation from family, friends, colleagues at work;
  • a constant desire to bet on sports even during other activities;
  • psychological discomfort, irritation, nervousness, panic attacks in the moments when there is no possibility to play in a bookmaker's office. The intensification of these symptoms leads to insomnia, headaches, loss of ability to concentrate, aggressive behavior;
  • During the game, the inability to interrupt it, as well as the constant increase in the size of the bet, unreasonable confidence in the obligatory wagering is characteristic;
  • Periodically, the patient makes a vow to himself and others to "quit" which means nothing.

    There are several stages of addiction

    Euphoric sum compensation. This stage is also called the stage of winning. Meaning not so much financial gain, but the pleasure of the game. The stage of losing. Emotional dependence grows, and the pleasure becomes less and less. Problems with finances occur.

    Disappointment and decompensation. The person realizes, that he/she can not win and earn money on bets, but does not want to give up the game in any way

    Despair and hopelessness. At this stage, betting in a bookmaker's office forces the player not to want to win. He simply cannot do without them and tries to illusorily enter a new cycle, to feel the effect of euphoria, the joy of sum compensation.

    With the onset of each new stage, it becomes more difficult to get rid of sports betting addiction. Already at the second stage it is difficult to get rid of gambling addiction, and at the third stage it is necessary to resort to the specialized treatment of betting addiction.

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